BBE Partners

The project runs from 2017-2019 and is funded by the EU (Erasmus-+). “Building Bridges for Europe” is conducted by partners of the European umbrella organization “Danube-Networkers for Europe (DANET) e.V.” coordinated by the affiliated institute ILEU (Ulm, Germany).
The “Bridgebuilders“ are from Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and Italy. They are experienced in national and international work with different target groups, especially older learners.


Institute for virtual and face-to-face learning in adult education at Ulm University (ILEU) e.V., Germany

(Institut für virtuelles und reales Lernen in der Erwachsenenbildung an der Universität Ulm (ILEU) e.V., Deutschland)


Ulm University, Centre for General Scientific Continuing Education (ZAWiW), Germany

The Public Open University Zagreb (POUZ), Croatia

Slovenian Third Age University, Slovenia

The Association The Writers` League Timisoara Banat Branch-Asociatia Liga Scriitorilor Filiala, Timisoara, Romania

U3A “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați /
University of the Third Age, Galati, Romania

University of Ruse ANGEL KANCHEV, Bulgaria

Association “Platform AGORA – Active Communities for Development Alternatives”, Bulgaria

Italian Federation of the Universities of the Third Age (Federuni), Italy

International Association Danube-Networkers for Europe (DANET) e.V.

Hristina Sokolova

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