European House Vukovar (EHVU)

The European House Vukovar (EHVU, Europski dom Vukovar)) was founded 10 Years ago. Its main aim is the re-development of the community of Vukovar that is ethnically deeply divided after the terrible war. To overcome this division, that is deepened even more through various social problems such as high unemployment, persisting concepts of the enemy, exclusion of various groups, special information campaigns and citizens’ creative engagement, as well as special training in self-help groups is necessary. For this reason the activities of EHVU focus especially on continuing education and training in self-help groups.

The content of the continuing education are traumata work, violence-free communication, conflict management, fostering of emotional intelligence, human rights, nature protection, self-help in the area of health and youth work. The acquired knowledge is trained in the self-help groups and depending on possibilities, transferred further in the form of artistic expression (poems, essays, paintings, photographs, etc.). These activities offer possibility for cooperation in this planned Learning partnership.

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