Union of Pensioners 2004 – Ruse District (UPRD)

The Union of Pensioners – Ruse District was till 2019 a branch of the Union of Pensioners’2004 – the biggest organization of older people in Bulgaria at present numbering over 80 000 members, with local structures in 25 districts altogether.

The Union of Pensioners – Ruse District has been set up with the aim of protecting the rights and interests as well as the prestige and dignity of senior citizens in Bulgaria who are to be treated equally in the society. They are entitled to adequate medical care and transportation and have their cultural and intellectual needs to be met. The Union is also aiming at certain legislative changes regarding fair social and pension insurance so that the members should be better socially and economically integrated into the European society. Some 3900 seniors belong to our Rousse district organization. Local structures have been set up in all district communities such as 78 societies and clubs and 67 groups for amateur art activities with more than 1000 participants. UPRD is making every effort to improve the way of life of its members. Traditional festivities and amateur art festivals are being regularly organized. Many seniors enjoy the opportunities for summer recreation. Meetings are common among clubs within the country, as well as with clubs from neighbouring Romania.

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