University of Craiova, Teacher Staff Training Department (UCV)

The Teacher Staff Training Department (TSTD) is an academic unit of the University of Craiova [36], directly subordinated to the University Senate; it functions according to its own regulations and it cooperates with all the faculties which require a special training of the students for the teaching process; it develops and has a wide range of educational partnerships with the School Inspectorates, Teaching Staff Centers etc. More than 7,500 students follow the courses of TSTD. The academic staff consists of 12 professors (being specialized in Pedagogical Sciences, Psychology, and Educational management) and 41 Associate Professors (specialized in Didactics, Computer Assisted Training, and Pedagogical Training).TSTD is coordinating a project of creating a virtual university of the third age with national coverage. Departamentul Pentru Pregatirea Personalului Didactic, transl. The Teacher Staff Training Department (TSTD) of the University of Craiova has partnerships with many NGOs from all over the state in the field of seniors education, e.g. Constantin Brancusi Association from Timisoara and is directly involved in various educational activities with seniors in the South-West Oltenia region.

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