University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (UNIBIT)

The University of Library Studies and Information Technologies is the State University of 29.IH.2010 transformed by a decision of the National Assembly and is the successor of the State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, voted by the National Assembly in 2004, of state Librarian Institute, established in 1950, a college librarian Institute (PIBD) College librarian (BDC) and the College of library and information technology (Kbps).

UNIBIT trained in undergraduate,  graduate  and  doctoral programs  on education and degrees, which is accredited.

The public mission of UNIBIT is to prepare highly qualified, socially and personally motivated and adaptable to the working environment and challenges of the information society professionals with real and relevant theoretical knowledge and practical skills in various areas of social and economic life, able to communicate, work team and take on the responsibility of citizens invited to contribute to raising the cultural level of the nation and for our integration into European and world values.

The University has set a basic strategic objective sustainable development and the demonstration of its new identity as a leader in the field of training in information security, preservation and presentation of cultural heritage, library and information technology, information broking and print communications and full participation in the formation and implementation of state educational policies.

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