Window Association of Romania

The Window Association of Romania (Asociatia Window Romania) established in 2008 has delivered over eighty percent of activities that have been beneficial to  young deaf adults. Four of the members are certified as Sign Language Interpreters, with over eight years experience in deaf education. Window Romania Association works, primarily in order to support the initiatives of young people and is especially focused on those with disabilities.  Over the last four years 80% of activities were aimed at deaf youth initiatives which shows that the organization has turned naturally to this target audience.

The Organization has been working with people who have disabilities since its founding in 2008, but with particular focus on deaf people. Window Romania Association have 16 people who have a hearing impairment as it’s members.  Four of them are certified as Sign Language Interpreters and qualified to work in the education of disabled people.  They always work together to organize and develop initiatives that provide social and professional inclusion and autonomy of young people who are hearing impaired.

The members have participated in five European events that have focused on Sign Language and social and professional inclusion of the deaf. The four qualified members of Window Association Romania are competent in designing specific activities for hearing-impaired people and have a good level of efficiency in this area.  Deaf people have perception of abstract concepts and higher in the specific character.  Starting from this psychological reality, our organization offers practical concrete activities that favor learning for deaf people.

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