Danube Stories (DASTO)

The project focuses on educating elderly learners about current economic issues. Danube Stories brings together organizations from different countries and different spheres of activity to work together and exchange best practices in areas such as adult social inclusion and the acquisition of new cultural and / or linguistic skills through formal and informal methods of education and training.
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Danube Seniors’ Universities (DASUN)

The main objective of the initiative is to ensure the strengthening of the role of third age people in the process of civil dialogue on all levels, exchange of ideas and knowledge between the generations, nations and cultures, aiming at improving the regional and local level social environment in the Danube countries by organizing qualified continuing education.
Elderly People Old Adults Elder People Lifelong Learning Active Ageing Education Senior Education Social Inclusion Non Formal Education Cultural-Historical Heritage Of The Danube Region Intergenerational Learning European Identity

Danube-Networkers – Neighbours at work (DANET)

Older adults (55+) are an active age group with various life styles and social milieus. They differ considerably between and within countries – just like any other part of the population. The project focuses on providing experiences and improving competences necessary for the integration of third-age citizens into the workforce.
Elderly People Teachers/Multiplicators Lifelong Learning Active Ageing Social Inclusion Danube Strategy Non Formal Education Intergenerational Learning European Identity

Citizenship and Democracy

The Council of Europe in 2005 promoted the Year of European Citizenship with the slogan "Learning to Live Democracy". The fight against discrimination and racism were the concept of democracy and legality, active participation emphasized. The Federuni has developed these themes and carried out a sociological research in 2010 in collaboration with the Rezzara Chair. In the present multicultural society the concept of citizenship has become tendentially contradictory and conflicting. The research has proposed to survey the territory of Bari and Vicenza (South and North) in order to assess the population (young and old) taken into consideration think about citizenship.
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