Danube Seniors’ Universities (DASUN)

The main objective of the initiative is to ensure the strengthening of the role of third age people in the process of civil dialogue on all levels, exchange of ideas and knowledge between the generations, nations and cultures, aiming at improving the regional and local level social environment in the Danube countries by organizing qualified continuing education.
Elderly People Old Adults Elder People Lifelong Learning Active Ageing Education Senior Education Social Inclusion Non Formal Education Cultural-Historical Heritage Of The Danube Region Intergenerational Learning European Identity

Senior Volunteering in Europe (SenVol)

The project work started with a short research about volunteering in all partner countries. 5 regular transnational meetings ensured a good project progress. During the meetings partners worked in groups, discussing different aspects of volunteering. Older learners and volunteers have always participated in the meetings, as their meaning and approach was very important. Discussion groups, involving volunteers and volunteer organizations were also created on national level. The SenVol project showed the volunteering of elderly people in different contexts and cultures of the participating countries and showed that today our society does not really work without volunteering. It also highlighted the learning process that takes place during volunteering.
Elderly Community Members Organisations Of/For Older People Senior Voluntaries Elder People Education Cooperation Vocational Solidarity Lifelong Learning Social Inclusion Skills Production

Live English

The project tends to create a simple text for the teaching of English to adults and elders essential to break down barriers, to communicate and be understood not only by native speakers but also by people belonging to different linguistic contexts. Therefore it was essential to examine the specific teaching methods to train English teachers who, in turn, in a simple and very basic way could pass on the learning of English to adult students who are part of Europe's Third Age Universities united and in need of the knowledge of English.
Adult Educators Elder People Education Practical Language Skills Professional Development Integration Cohesion European Identity Social Inclusion Communication

Increasing skills and qualification of young scientists for professional realization in the border areas between science and business, under Operational Program for Development of HR

The project aims are to create a mechanism to facilitate career development of young scientists and post-doctoral students by increasing their transferable skills and skills for communication with their colleagues from other scientific areas in Bulgaria and UK and to create their common language, to teach them to communicate with potential users of the research results. The project idea is to find out effective mechanisms for collaboration between scientists and potential users of their scientific results; to train students to work in a complex team for creating different types of innovations.
Students Young Scientists Phd Students (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Econimics, Social Science, Etc.) Up To 35 Years Old Education Young Scientists Transfer Transferable Skills Knowledge Transfer Innovation

Personal TownTours – Slovenian Version

In the framework of the »Personal Town Tours«, a European Grundtvig Programme project (2012 - 2014), seven older students from Slovenian Third Age University gained knowledge and learned methods for exploring and then introducing their town. Under the mentorship of an architect they decided on three thematic itineraries thus validating their already gained knowledge of architecture and urbanism.
Older Learners Pupils Students Women People With Disabilities Teachers/Multiplicators Future Teachers/Multiplicators Education Exploratory Learning Urbanism Architecture Intergenerational Learning

Festival of Generations (FoG)

Two editions of the "Festival of Generations" were organized and hold in Luleburgaz, Turkey and Burgas, Bulgaria. During the two day festival information on cross-border level has been exchanged about the contemporary significance of knowledge and continuity between generations, language evolution, and the positive effects of youth - elderly interaction, premieres of two cultural products of Bulgarian and Turkish students.
Students Representatives Of Different Generations Elderly Community Members Education Youth Intergenerational Learning Festival Community Culture Solidarity Heritage Diversity

Art Changes Lives

"Purification" pantomime and dance performance. The pantomime and dance performance "Purification" of young Bulgarian actors with impaired hearing from "MIM ART" theater at "Tishina" Association. The actors designed and developed the script themselves with the main topic - environmental sustainability and how each and every one of us could do something to contribute to its preservation. They sent their universal message for care, actions and responsibility of people for preservation of the environment through the means of pantomime, synchronized singing and dance facilitated by sign language interpretation. [Project period: 14.03.2011 – 14.03.2012]
People From Different Countries Students Women People With Disabilities Young Learners Education Disability Art Ice-Breaker Cross-Cultural

Danube-Networkers-Online-Lectures (DALEC)

DALEC was a “Media Project Old and Young” with the thematic focus on “Values and Paths along the Danube” across five countries. Five scientific lectures were prepared by scientists for lay people, held live to an audience in the respective locations and transmitted over the internet in an online-lecture series. The lectures were discussed face to face and via internet forums nationally and transnationally. The accompanying discussions, therefore, also contributed to a better understanding between old and young. In mini-projects some of the young and old participants worked with different methods based on the topics of the lectures. In the end, more than five mini projects were accomplished and complemented the online-lectures.
Different Ages Older Learners Pupils Students Young Learners Multipliers From Different Ngo’s Education Intergeneration Intercultural Art Knowledge European Identity Policies Minorities Democracy Solidarity Short-Term Project Human Rights Creative Awareness Communication Lifelong Learning Intergenerational Communication Identification

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