Seven organisations with different expertise in education and guidance counselling (from Bulgaria, Germany, and Romania) have worked together on this project for two years. The project focuses on people with few professional skills, persons in an unstable employment, unemployed persons, or people of low social standing or from disadvantaged areas. Migrant background can be another motive, surely without being considered a criterion for disadvantage or poor access to education itself. These categories of beneficiaries coming from disadvantaged backgrounds are in need of more individualised guidance services. Thus, the project meets also the field-specific priorities in adult education: - "providing information on access to adult learning services, such as information on the validation of non-formal and informal learning and career and education guidance" - "improving and extending the offer of high quality learning opportunities tailored to individual adult learners, including through innovative ways of outreach and delivery" - "developing adult educators’ competences to deal with diversified groups of learners, make use of new technologies for better outreach and teaching outcomes". FairGuidance addresses all these policy objectives in the field of Vocational education and training (VET) and adult education.
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The Wanted Danube

As many people as possible from all Danube countries were invited to crochet a woolen carpet that symbolizes the river Danube. The challenge: To make the so called “river carpet” as long as possible and to integrate people regardless of their age, social background, education and language skills. The aim was to demonstrate the solidarity amongst the Danube countries. The big finale was a cultural performance in which all the small parts of the big carpet were exhibited on the Cathedral square in front of the Ulm Cathedral during the international Danube Festival in 2014. Once the project was finished, the so called “Danube-Rivercarpet” was divided into small pieces. These pieces were given away for donation.
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Personal TownTours – Slovenian Version

In the framework of the »Personal Town Tours«, a European Grundtvig Programme project (2012 - 2014), seven older students from Slovenian Third Age University gained knowledge and learned methods for exploring and then introducing their town. Under the mentorship of an architect they decided on three thematic itineraries thus validating their already gained knowledge of architecture and urbanism.
Older Learners Pupils Students Women People With Disabilities Teachers/Multiplicators Future Teachers/Multiplicators Education Exploratory Learning Urbanism Architecture Intergenerational Learning

Art Changes Lives

"Purification" pantomime and dance performance. The pantomime and dance performance "Purification" of young Bulgarian actors with impaired hearing from "MIM ART" theater at "Tishina" Association. The actors designed and developed the script themselves with the main topic - environmental sustainability and how each and every one of us could do something to contribute to its preservation. They sent their universal message for care, actions and responsibility of people for preservation of the environment through the means of pantomime, synchronized singing and dance facilitated by sign language interpretation. [Project period: 14.03.2011 – 14.03.2012]
People From Different Countries Students Women People With Disabilities Young Learners Education Disability Art Ice-Breaker Cross-Cultural

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