Tastes of Danube: Bread, Wine and Herbs (ToD Bread, Wine and Herbs)

Short Description
People from all generations, different ethnic groups, and from different social and educational backgrounds took part in this Danube project. 101 partner organizations took part in the activities of the project. The focus was not only on enhancing mutual knowledge and finding out more about traditions and values common to all countries, but also to exchange experience and to be able to meet. The participants got the chance to become acquainted to each other within a country or across the borders. Additionally, they got the possibility to create something as a team – an experience that filled the idea of an European identity with life.


The aim of the project was to make it possible for the people along the Danube to get to know each other and work together and do research about social, cultural and religious customs of the past and the present concerning bread, wine and herbs. In the project “Tastes of Danube: Bread, Wine and Herbs”, bread does not mean bread alone. It also stands for sharing, friendship and responsibility for a peaceful future for everyone.

Full Description

The different activities on local, national and international level offered a chance to not only get knowledge about the use and meaning of these foods, but also to research and compare their social and cultural history of the countries. Memories and experiences from individual and professional life filled the subject with life, along with joint creative planning and baking.

The numerous number of participants  expressed their interest in a peaceful Danube Region within a „House of Europe“ which is created by teamwork and experienced as common identity. In the project “Tastes of Danube: Bread, Wine and Herbs“, bread also represented sharing, friendship and the responsibility for a peaceful future for everyone.

The Writers` League Timisoara involved schools and High Schools, Civil Society organizations, Senior Organization and participants of all ages cooperated in the project. The international Conference Tastes of Danube- Let’s taste it in the frame of the Danube Festival and the Breakfast on the Danube Bridge were the highlights of the project. The conference program included a number of plenary lectures, which provided scientific background as well as practical approach to the main themes in transnational comparison. Different methodical approaches were presented. Potential future projects in the areas of lifelong learning, cultural education,sustainable tourism, social entrepreneurship and other subjects were discussed in working groups. At the DanubeBreakfast partners from the project and guests from all Danube Countries met citizens of different ages, ethnic origins and countries living in the Ulm region and spoke about their everyday life, their cultures, their interests and experiences. This action revealed that we all want to meet our neighbours living along the River Danube and that we want to live together united in diversity in peaceful and tolerant Europe.

Project partners:

  • ILEU e.V., Ulm, Germany – Project coordination
  • Organizations from 11 countries from Danube Region (Germany, Romania, Bosnia and Hertegovina, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, Slovakia, Bulgaria)

Step by Step Explanation

  • 1

    The Writers` League Timisoara initiated activities in Timisoara and Timis County with the partners.  LSFTB organized many events, especially two transdanubian events: visit of a German delegation of ToD in Timisoara and visit of a Romanian group in Vrsac, Serbia in April 2016.

  • 2

    The Association “The Writers` League” Timisoara Banat Branch coordinated and published an international brochure about bread with 32 authors from different Danube countries: Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Romania and Serbia; additional contributions from Canada and Italy, each contribution in English and in the mother language.

  • 3

    LSFTB published and launched a national anthology named “The taste of bread” with the particpation of young people, pupils and creations of consecrated writers and teachers.

  • 4

    The history book “On the Danube shore: Bread, Wine and Herbs” was also published and launched in the framework of the project. It is a very intensive research about the Danube and the Danube Region, suitable for general readership as well as for professionals.

  • 5

    LSFTB participated at the transdanubian activities in the frame of the project: Danube Bread on Tour, Christmas Action.


Digital photo competition Books Stamp collection Napkin collection Wine labels Bread survey “Bread in the change of times

Implemented Methods

Elaboration of creative and literary materials

The elaboration of national and international literary anthologies helped us to get to know each other better as well as the people in the Danube Region and to reduce the prejudices about other countries.

Exchange of cultural packages

The exchange of cultural packages promoted international contact and the participants learned about the different Christmas traditions and custom specific to other Danube countries.

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