Drama Game

Short Description
Drama Game is a basic learning activity. This is how students are stimulated to think and experience their individual or social problems. Older learners could learn to explore, explore, and experiment with their problems, events and relationships. Drawn by the drama, they draw their knowledge and experience of the real world.

Main goals:

To develop European awareness and active social competences for society development within the European community.

To create cooperation conditions between the generations by exchanging ideas, restoring old customs, presenting traditional food, clothes, etc. aimed at learning, preserving and popularizing the cultural-historical heritage of the Danube region as travelling from the past to the future.

Field of activity:

  • Bulgarian and Foreign Cultural-historical Heritage – Travelling from the Past to the Future.
  • Solidarity between Generations – a Message to the Future.


Stage/Step 1: Selection of experts and actors – old and young people

Stage/Step 2: Deciding on the main drama game The road of the bread which includes three Bulgarian traditions: sowing the wheat, harvesting, kneading the first bread and sharing with young people.

Stage/Step 3: Deciding on the details (actors, scene, clothes, music, food, presentations).

Stage/Step 4: Preparatory activities(developing of a scenario, training drama game,  preparing pictures, posters, flyers and presentations, inviting VIPs)

Stage/Step 5: Conducting the drama game (presenting three Bulgarian customs, clothes, songs and music from different Danube countries)

Stage/Step 6:  Publishing pictures in a book (in English and in Bulgarian), making a film


A scenario of a drama game with three restored Bulgarian customs

Two books on the DASUN project results in Bulgarian and in English languages developed by the project researcher

A scientific paper developed by the project researcher and presented at a scientific conference

Colected clothes, food recipes, songs and music from different Danube countries. 


Exchanged knowledge, skills, competencies and experience between old and young learners through a drama game related to the cultural-historical heritage of the Danube countries. 

Target group: old adults,university and school students

Age group: all generations

Gender: mixed

Pedagogical Information

The method uses a wide range of educational tools such as traditional rituals, scene, national costumes, music, songs, food, flyers, presentations, and posters, which has a strong impact on the learners and the audience.

European Dimension

The method developed university-based education program for continuing education of old adults and made it accessible to the public in cooperation with education and culture-heritage associations in the Danube region. The European topics included in the method are: Diversity, Solidarity, Heritage, Social inclusion.

Applied in projects

Danube Seniors’ Universities

The main objective of the initiative is to ensure the strengthening of the role of third age people in the process of civil dialogue on all levels, exchange of ideas and knowledge between the generations, nations and cultures, aiming at improving the regional and local level social environment in the Danube countries by organizing qualified continuing education.

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