Personal TownTours (PTT)

Short Description
The members of the participating groups in the partners` locations, seniors as well as younger adults, prepared 3-5 personalized Town Tours on subjects of their choice and present them to members of partner groups from other countries as well as to other local older and young people and give them an understanding of their town. Cross-national exchanges enabled the projects` learners to gain know-how in the linguistic, cultural and historical backgrounds of other project members` living environments.


The project led to the development of cultural tours that can be offered to national as well as international guests of the participating organisations and other interested parties in the project partners' cities. Through cross-national exchanges, the projects' learners gained know-how in linguistic, cultural and historical backgrounds of other project members' living environment. Designing a guided of own city different from those offered by traditional professional guides, but tailored for interested persons of all ages demands science based knowledge, experience, creativity and the joy to share with others  very personal views of the own town.

Full Description

The topic of the Personal Town Tours is vast and interesting, so anyone can choose the favourite tour in the city. Actually, the visitor is invited to something special. There are tours developed on the basis of the participants` interests in art, architecture, education, literature, traditions and religion. Also, there are tours on the footsteps of famous personalities over the centuries, who were visiting their city and tours with humoristic approach. All personal town tours are made with creativity, with love to share their memories and their personal point of view regarding the city, city life and culture. “The most decisive statement of a nation is its culture.” (Mircea Eliade).

Project partners:

  • Center for General Scientific Continuing Education, Germany – Project coordination
  • The Third Age University of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Association pour la Diffusion et l’Animation du Patrimoine Historique du Morbihan (AdAPh), France
  • Asociatia “Liga Scriitorilor” Filiala Timisoara Banat, Romania
  • Università del Tempo Libero – Città di Mestre, Italy
  • Fondazione Università adulti – anziani di Vicenza, Italy
  • The University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev”, Bulgaria

Step by Step Explanation

  • 1

    The Association “The Writers` League” Timisoara Banat Branch organized itself in small groups and developed tours of different topics. All the Personal Town Tours had been very different, related to the interest and personal experiences of each member. The Romanian group worked on 5 personalized Town Tours:

    • PTT1: Representative buildings of the banking system over time (Elena Bardac)
    • PTT2: Cultural-artistical itinerary of Timisoara (Ana Zlibut)
    • PTT3: Literary itinerary of Timisoara (Doina Dragan, Mariana Strunga)
    • PTT4: Education for everyone (Lucia Anucuta, Andreia Elena Lampinen Anucuta)
    • PTT5: Traditional Tour in Banat (Ana Zlibut)
  • 2

    There have been 4 Partner Meetings in Mestre, Timisoara, Vannes and Ljubljana.

  • 3

    During the project duration, we realized a brochure about all the Timisoara tours and realized a DVD-Personal Town Tours titled ” Timisoara – modern and multicultural city”.

  • 4

    The booklet “Timisoara seen through the eyes of foreign visitors” was presented at the International Seminar in Timisoara in May 2014.


Website Personal town tours PowerPoint presentations and videos of the tours Personal Town Tours Brochure Personal Town Tours Puzzles Posters and Flyer Brochures: Timisoara-Multicultural and European City; Timisoara-Modern and multicultural city DVD: Personal Town Tours Booklet: Timisoara seen through the eyes of foreign visitors International Seminar in 15.05.2014

Implemented Methods

Critical incidents

In the Partner Meetings, the participants were able to reflect on the experiences they during their stay in Timisoara as well as the impact of said stay.


The aim of this method is to establish a common language between presenter and attendees regarding the type of the personal town tour.

Open space session

The aim of this method is to create a link between the creator of the personal town tour and the participants at the tour.

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